8 Tips To Help You Publish Better Post To Your Medical Practice’s Facebook Page

Are you looking to improve your practice’ Facebook Page? Want to give it a little boost? Perhaps engage parents more, get more fans or add value to your community?

Well, you are in luck if you answered yes to any of those questions.

Below are eight suggestions you can implement today to leverage your practice’s Facebook page.

Salud Pediatrics Facebook Page Screen Shot1. Keep it short.

First things first. People like to scan on Facebook. Keep your writing short for better responses.

2. Use Images. Preferably big and beautiful images

According to Facebook, posts with eye-catching photos and videos stand out in the News Feed, which makes it more likely that people that follow your practice’s Facebook page, like, comment and share.

But don’t get too hung up with the quality of the pictures. Your images do not have to be shot by a professional photographer or a fancy camera.

Dr. Betancourt with Dr. AUsing your phone or a point shoot camera is usually good enough to create a compelling picture.

Examples of photos you can take to go along with your post are pictures of your staff working. O perhaps pictures of one of your docs doing something goofy (shouldn’t be hard to catch a pediatrician doing something goofy). You can also consider featuring a services your practice offers (i.e. mother support groups, parenting classes, etc).

Something as simple as a snail chart with a brief description of why vision screens are an essential part of the preventive wellness visit can not only draw engagement, but also serve as a less formal educational post.

3. Share exclusive content and info with Facebook Ads

The intent of Facebook ads is to offer special deals to customers to keep them interested and drive sales. I know…

Medical practices are not in the business of offering 2for1 deals. However, you can use Facebook Ads to promote the practice’s Facebook page or drive Facebook users to the practice’s website.

The idea is to expose your medical office to a larger audience. And Facebook ads is a great way to go beyond your group of fans.

4. Respond to customers in a timely manner

There is nothing worse than sending an email to a customer service email address and never hearing back from the company. Simply put, people like when you listen to them.

Facebook offers a unique opportunity in that one can engage with patients outside our practice’s four walls.

When you reply to posts and comments quickly, you will notice customers are more responsive, too.

5. Keep a calendar

When special events and holidays are on everyone’s mind, mention them in your posts. Planning and scheduling posts around important dates—like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, Back-to-School season and more—means you will be more likely to get people talking.

6. Post for the right audience

Posts are more effective when the people who care see them.

If you have customers who live in different areas or speak different languages, you can create posts just for them.

Facebook Demographic ChartWrite a post and choose the locations and languages you want. When you publish your post, it will show up in just the locations or languages you picked.

7. Link them directly to your website

When you add a link to your post, it automatically creates an image from the website and a large clickable area that makes it easy for people to go to your site.

You can also customize the headline and description to give your customers more reasons to click.

8. Post more of what customers want

When you learn how and when your parents respond, you will be able to post more of what they love.

Keep in mind that posting on your Facebook Page is about quality—not quantity.

From there, you can post more of what they like, and avoid posting what they do not.

Lastly, to learn more about  “your audience,” make sure to check out your Facebook Practice Page Insights page. To Learn more about Page Insights, click on this link.

This post was adapted from a Facebook For Business article titled, Make Post More Effective


10 Things I learned from managing my practice’s Facebook page

I while back, I blogged about my favorite Facebook Pages. Among them was Winnsboro Pediatrics. Dr Kim Burlingham manages what I think is one of the best practice Facebook pages out there. Dr. Burlingham does a lot of cool things on there, but if I had to say why I like the page so much, I would have to say that she does a great job of  adding her own personality to each one of her post. Quick little remarks about the links she is posting which add character to her site and of course to her practice.

When you get a chance, take a look at  Dr. Burlingham’s Facebook page. In the meantime, here is Dr. Burlingham’s  10-things she has learned from managing her practice’s Facebook page. 

  1. There are some people that “like” everything- mostly the retired grandma types and if several days go by without them liking your posts, you’ll want to check with their families to see if they are OK.
  2. Just because somebody doesn’t hit the “like” button doesn’t mean they didn’t read it- I am always surprised at the number of people that mention that they read about “it” on my page while in the office with their child but never once have hit the “like” button
  3. People take the time to “like” stupid stuff and jokes a lot more than a good solid article. The post that has had the most likes/reach during this past month on my page was an “E-Card” that had a picture of a mom resting her head on an armchair with a quote “the moment you realize that the kids have been in bed asleep for thirty minutes and you are still watching Nichelodeon.”
  4. It takes time to keep the page up but it is a heck of a lot easier to do if you “like” other pediatrician’s pages and freely share the gems they have found on to your own page. Also “like” hospital, poison control, safety, etc pages.
  5. Always try to add a bit of your own voice onto the links you share on your page.
  6. Middle school and high school boys will “like” the oddest posts, for example 3 of them liked a post about the fact that stepping on a Lego hurts more than childbirth.
  7. Info-graphics and e-cards are in, pictures of cute babies are in, links without thumbnails are rarely liked.
  8. Let people know about things going on in their community – plays, library events, etc. The non-profits love help in spreading the word.
  9. Include visual office contests on your Facebook page. Our last one, right before the 4th was to guess the weight of a watermelon.
  10. Somehow my practice Facebook page is attached to my Twitter feed and whatever status update I put on Facebook goes to Twitter which is not very twittery. I have to fix that.

Dr. Burlingham also manages a page called We Are Pediatricians  which is a great resource for those of you looking for content to share on your Facebook Page.