Seven Reasons Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Pediatrics Practice Management Seminar

My friends at the Pediatric Practice Management Institute (PMI) have an awesome seminar that you don’t want to miss.

Why should you not miss it?

Glad you asked.

I have lucky number 7 reasons why you should not miss this seminar.


I know awesomer is not a word. But it gets’s the point across. Here is the deal, no matter how experienced you are at managing a practice, there is always something new you can learn.


Managing a private practice can be a lonely world. There aren’t that many of us. And most of the time we are locked up in a back room (used for both your office and storage) trying to figure out how to keep the ship afloat.

Without exposure to a variety of points of view, you will miss new ideas and trends that can impact future results.


Paul and his team at PMI have put together a superb curriculum. The educational materials will certainly expose you to new ways of managing your business (e.g., private medical practice) and help you discover how to be more productive.


Here is the way I see it. The practices that tend to go to practice management seminars are precisely the practices I want to learn from. And PMI’s seminar provides a great opportunity to network with the best practice in the country.


Not only will you have access to a community of like-minded people that have similar struggles, have similar challenges and practical, hands-on advice, suggestions, and solutions, you will also have access to the industries top consultants.

Don’t tell them I said this, but if you ask the right questions, to say… Chip Hart, I bet you, you’ll get thousands of dollars worth of practice management advice for <ahem> free.

Keep in mind that experts in the field are some of the best people for you to get to know if you want to learn more about the current health care business climate as it relates to small, private, independent, pediatric practices.


You will undoubtedly discover innovative ways to help your practice remain competitive in today’s fast-paced, hectic private-practice.


Did I mention it was in Vegas?

All work and no play can get old fast. PMI’s conference can add a layer of enjoyment to managing your career growth by mixing a social aspect into your learning and industry branding efforts.

Never underestimate the power of a little fun mixed with some interesting people!


Use the promo code “PediInc” and save $75 off your conference fee.

Conference Details:

  • WhenFriday, January 29, 2016 at 2:00 PM –  Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 5:00 PM (PST)
  • WhereTropicana- Las Vegas
  • Sign Up: Click on the Eventbrite logo below to sign up

Don’t forget to use the promo code PediInc to get $75 off

Medical Practice: Understand The Business

Because to compete in this new, value-driven and aggressive health care market place, our doctors will require our leadership to carefully rethink each component of the business. For our survival requires bold and decisive actions

public-speaking-firstpointI was talking to a friend the other day who’s trying to get a public speaking business going. He was telling me about one of his recent gigs and how several people came up to him after his presentation to ask him for his presentation slides.

He told me he was happy that people thought his material was good; but at the same time, he was offended that someone wanted him to hand over the slides he worked so hard on. He said that most of the people that came up to him were college professors, as if saying, “how dare they want my material.”

I told him I thought he was looking at it the wrong way.

I told him he had a big problem. He wanted to get this new public speaking career off the ground, but nobody knows who he is. He has all this great content, but nobody knows he has it.

By not sharing the slides, I told him, he missed an opportunity to let others know about his work. Those professors probably teach hundreds of kids in a given year. If five professors share the presentation with their students, my friend could have potentially had several hundred people now know who he is.

I asked him, “What is your business? How do you make money?” He responded by saying, “speaking.” Right! “So you are not going to lose any money by giving the slides away.” I said. Give them to anybody that wants it. Heck, tell them to share it with anybody they want. Just make sure all your contact information is on the deck (i.e. email, website, Twitter, Facebook, blog, everything).

“But what if those professors steal my work?”

I said, “let’s think about this… if people “steal” his stuff, if anything, that is validation that his stuff is really good. If nobody bothers, then he has bigger problems.

But let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say they don’t steal his stuff (I would argue this is safe assumption considering professors are keen about plagiarism), but instead they share it with everybody. At least by sharing the slides, he has a better chance of jump-starting the business. Whereas by not sharing the content there is NO chance he will get known.

The turning point for my friend was understanding that his business was speaking, not the slides. However, he could use the slides as an advertising vehicle to promote his work.


Google does it best

A perfect example of understanding this notion is Google. What is Google’s business? Gmail? Google Maps? Search? Google Chrome? Google Earth? No! Their business is advertising.  Would Google have become the giant it is if they charged for search? Probably not.

googleappsSo, how does Google drive usage? By creating all these cool services that drive eyeballs. And eyeballs drive advertising dollars.

Google understands their business.


Know the business

There is a lot of talk about how the Obama administration is going to reform health care. I suspect regardless of the final outcome, consumers of health care will have their skin in the game one way or another. Consequently, patients will discern more than ever price vs. value vs. outcome. 

As medicine becomes more a more like a traditional business, we as practice leaders need to understand what drives our businesses. Like Google and my speaker friend, we need to comprehend what drives value vs. what drives revenue vs what is contributory.

Because to compete in this new, value-driven and aggressive health care market place, our doctors will require our leadership to carefully rethink each component of the business. For our survival requires bold and decisive actions.


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