If you are a regular reader, you know that managing an independent practice is difficult. Furthermore, as if turning a profit wasn’t hard enough as a small business, medical practices are being challenged and stretched further as a result of the shifting and changing healthcare landscape.

Not to mention health care consumers are cannier than ever. Their appetite to experience something different, unique and valuable is growing.

And the question that always comes up is, can the independent practice survive in this turbulent, demanding, and uncertain times?

THRIVE, not only answers that question (sssshh quite… I’ll give you a hint if you won’t tell anybody the answer. Promise? OK. The answer is Yes! There is a way to not only survive but to, well, thrive), but it also outlines the strategies required to remain independent, turn a profit, and practice medicine under your terms.



I recently came across a quote that read:

Rebellion is in the air. People that push the envelope and visuals that break with tradition are being more widely embraced, as popular tastes becomes more daring.

If you are ready to push the envelope, eliminating the status quo, and breaking the mold that says “This is how we’ve always done things,” then buy this ebook.