Episode 3: What To Look For When Selecting A Medical Billing Company

We recorded another video… I think we are actually getting better at this.

For this video, Chip and I talk about Billing Companies. Chip shared seven tips that ought to be on everybody’s mind if they are considering going with a medical billing company.

I shared with Chip our experience billing services, in-house billing and what circumstances have led us to have the setup we currently have; which I describe as a hybrid model.

We also discussed our thoughts on when it is appropriate to use a billing company, what to look for in a contract and how the practice should set up their front desk to maximize collection efforts.

Take look at the video for more practice management gold nuggets.


By the way, feedback is always welcome. We are all ears.

5 thoughts on “Episode 3: What To Look For When Selecting A Medical Billing Company”

  1. Hey Brandon & Chip —

    Your video in selecting a medical billing company is spot on. You guys give some good practical advice and tips to docs and mangers on what to look for when searching for a service.

    I consider billing the most important business aspect of a practice. It needs to be done correctly because without proper billing you don’t have the money to run the practice, hire quality staff, buy new equipment and provide quality care to patients. That is whether billing is in-house or outsourced.

    Keep up the videos. –Manny

    1. One thing that Brandon and I need to figure out is how to extend the conversation – though his blog or on the PPMMC page seems like a perfect place to do it. I also want a way to provide links to any resources we mention during the talk so that they are easy to find later. Thus, if you have any questions or anything to add (such as info about PedsOne or Brandon’s billing service), just let us know.

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