Top10 Post of 2012

Here you have it PediatricInc readers. Below are the TOP 10 Post of 2012. These are the post that got the most clicks.

  1. Medical Practice Advertisement
  2. Patient Collection Letters, What is Your Approach?
  3. Providing Breastfeeding Services Finally Pays Dividends
  4. Top 11 Pediatric Facebook Pages
  5. eBook-101 Ways To Transform Your Practice
  6. Free RBRVS Calculator For Your Medical Practice
  7. Does Your Medical Practice Have a Problem with Bad Debt? Here is a Solution
  8. Insurance Contract Negotiations: 15 Tips From a Pro
  9. Is Your Front Desk A Command Center?
  10. Should I Open a Medical Practice in This Environment?

Which one resonated with you the most? Was there one that stood out the most? Is your favorite on this list or was there another one that you saved? Which one did you share with a friend or a colleague? I’d love to hear which one was your favorite post 0f 2012?