How Twitter Can Help Pediatricians Extend and Amplify Their Influence and Trust

I know for some, this may be difficult to see, but Twitter has huge potential for pediatricians. How so?  The platform is an opportunity for pediatrician to lead and influence in a way that was not possible before.

Twitter is not so much about what the practice or the doctor gets out of it, but it is about the opportunity it affords doctors to give to others and make an impact.

Pediatricians sit on a lot of information. But they don’t ever get a chance to be on TV, the radio, write a book or a magazine column (most don’t even have a blog) to share, influence, teach and guide. But pediatricians still have a lot of influence. They are trusted sources of information.

Twitter provides an unprecedented opportunity for doctors to extend and amplify their influence and trust.

With Twitter, all a doctor has to do, is post short (micro-post) on what has your attention.

We all know that there is lot of bad information out on the web. And parents seem to always find things that are not in the best interest for their children. The vaccine controversy is a good example. If pediatrician share their thoughts about a study, new health report or simply to promote a healthy lifestyle using an influence amplifier like Twitter, pediatrics can extend their influence in ways it was never before possible.

2 thoughts on “How Twitter Can Help Pediatricians Extend and Amplify Their Influence and Trust”

  1. I agree that social media platforms provide the opportunity to leverage information for the good of our patients, and although I love Twitter as my connection tool of choice, far many more parents are engaged on the Facebook platform than on Twitter. If sharing information and ideas is the goal over a typical pediatric (read parent) audience, I can only hope my Twitter followers grow at the pace of the Facebook friends.

    Truth is, the longer both social media platforms are out there and ‘maturing’ I would pose the question, “what’s the NEXT big thing, the next interactive, virtual platform for moving ideas and information at record speeds?”

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I actually have two twitter accounts. One is the “office” twitter, and the other my personal twitter account. I tweet a lot more on the personal one and leave the office twitter “tweets” to my marketing person at the office. I do coordinate with her advising appropriate topics, but I leave most of it to her. My personal tweets can involve politics, opinions, observations, advice, humor, or other personal things. It’s probably advisable however, as a professional, to be careful what you tweet or, I suppose, you can have a cavalier attitude and tweet openly with candor and honesty. I don’t know but, “Be yourself” always seems to be a good idea in the social media world.

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