For your next employee meeting, ask this question

If you owned the medical practice, what would you do differently?

I think this is a powerful question. Why? Because I think it is an elegant way to find ways to improve the practice. I also think the question helps us as managers gain insight into areas of the practice that we may not be completely aware of. Moreover, asking the staff for their input on how they would change things if they were in charge is in a way suggesting, I value your input your expertise and your knowledge and I’m eager to learn from you.

For me the, the question also helps understand my employees better. Some suggestions are selfish; others are very insightful and discerning. And it also helps me delegate.

If someone is really passionate about something or think their idea would really improve on it, I like to give them the responsibility of being the project leader for implementing the idea. Not only does this motivate them, but it also teaching them a valuable lesson, which is, changing things is harder than it looks when you are the one tasked with changing them.

I tell the staff, I got many great ideas… But time, money and resources are always a challenge. Thus, we have to prioritize because we can’t do everything.

Next time, ask your question. I think you’d be surprised by some of the answers.

2 thoughts on “For your next employee meeting, ask this question”

  1. I think the staff should know that things like ridiculous across the board pay raises, extra days off are not going to be considered unless there is a strong business case they can make.

    But I still like to hear “stupid” suggestions like that. You know why? Because it helps me know which employees are the ones that are serious about the practice and which ones consider their jobs just another job.

    I also like to throw it right back at them… Oh, you want to work less? OK, I think that is a great idea. All you need to do now is figure out how we are going to pay the rent.

    Thanks for the comment Dr B.

  2. Staff usually have great ideas–really they do. Listen to them, —but sometimes, I think the answer would be: “Institute an immediate across the board pay raise, close on Fridays, all staff need five paid days off per month. Oh, and we get to leave at three o’clock ’cause we need to pick up our kids from school.”

    You know, I actually would not mind doing most of that if it would lead to improved patient care, — And reduced total costs.

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