No Margin; No Mission

The private medical practice world is constantly changing. Not to mention unpredictable as lawmakers settle on health care reform. Private medical practice’s are faced with an increasingly larger uninsured and under insured population, State Medicaid cuts, increasing capital needs, and labor shortages.

That’s why…

Having an enthusiastic, intense, dedicated and even fanatical outlooks on your financial management is now more important than ever.

Remember, you are business and as such, you must align your responsibilities in an effort to remain competitive. Without a strong financial foundation, your practice will undoubtedly fail thus not being able to care for anyone.

To compete in this new, value-driven, fast-paced aggressive market, healthcare providers must carefully rethink each component of their practice. For their survival requires bold and decisive actions.

1 thought on “No Margin; No Mission”

  1. This is absolutely true. I help doctors with running an efficient office through the implementation of sound IT technologies, practice appropriate. I also help medical practices decide what software to buy and in some cases, extricate them from bad purchases. You would be amazed how doctors are rather apathetic toward technology. To quote one doctor, “every efficiency counts”. If a doctor is able to save 5 minutes off 20 visits, that is 100 minutes per day. They can see more patients, spend more time with patients or get home in time for dinner, for example. More time than that can be saved, not just for the doctors, for all staff. I’d like to show you how.

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