15 Reasons why you should go to PCC’s 2011 Pediatric Practice Management & Coding Conference

This summer, PCC will have their annual pediatric practice management & coding conference. This year, the conference is extra special for me because I’ve been asked to be a speaker. PCC usually has the top speakers give classes at their event. So I’m so excited and pleased to have been chosen to speak at this year’s event.

My talk is titled 101 ways to transform your medical practice. I’ll be talking about some of the changes we need to make in our medical office to meet the demand of this new, value-driven, high volume-low-margin healthcare environment we face.

If you’ve never been , I think you should consider going. It is truly one of the best pediatric specific conferences in the country. In an effort to convince you, I’ve put together a list 15 reasons you should go.

  1. You’ll have an opportunity to attend pediatric focused sessions to help you manage your practice better.
  2. You can learn how to survive in a big practice market
  3. Meet and network with savvy pediatric professionals
  4. Learn to find, hire and keep the right employees for your medical practice
  5. Discover how to ask for money and still be liked.
  6. Find out alternative revenue sources for your medical practice.
  7. Earn CEU credits
  8. Prepare for ICD-10
  9. Learn what is new in 2011 pediatric coding.
  10. How to do your own pediatric coding audit.
  11. Be taught the value of through chart documentation
  12. Learn the process of becoming a medical home.
  13. Attend pediatric specific coding sessions to help you add to your bottom line.
  14. Share your knowledge with your peers
  15. Learn from other peers

For the past 25 years, PCC has made pediatrics their business. To me this is invaluable. These guys know more about the business of pediatric than anybody else that I know. The conference is essentially set up to help us manage and run our practice more effectively, efficiently and in many cases profitably. Moreover, PCC’s conference provides a platform for pediatrician and pediatric health professional like me to meet, learn, exchange and share with other people that do the same things I do and face the same challenges as my docs do.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that I know spending several thousand dollars (between air, hotel, meals, transfers, etc. The conference is inexpensive in my view) might be a little daunting. But look at it as an investment in your business. I can’t guarantee you’ll get your money back… but at least in my experience, I’ve always gotten my investment back and then some. Keep that in mind.

The conference will be held in Burlington Vermont on July 20th through the 22. To register or get more details, follow the link

Editorial Note: just in case you are wondering, this post is voluntary. I was not paid for this post or will I get any compensation for getting people to sign up. I promote the conference because I believe it is a good event and I would like the readers of the blog to benefit from it.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome note, Brandon.
    If anyone who attends doubts their ROI, they can call me and I’ll take care of it. [Note that Brandon’s “few thousand dollars” refers to time out of the office and flights/hotel, not the conference itself!] We’re pretty confident about our users’ conferences 🙂

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