In 2011, Things Will Change…Maybe

In 2011, the economy will come back stronger than ever, parents will not lose their jobs, thus their insurance; Medicaid will be reformed to the point that it would be crazy not to accept Medicaid patients; health insurance companies will recognize that pediatricians are practically invaluable and as a result, they will start to pay doctors better than before.

Your patient’s parents will not question your medical decision, accept that vaccines don’t cause autism and gladly pay for every single after hours phone call they make. Not to mention that since the economy will return, your accounts receivables will practically be diminished.

Then, doctors will finally be able to practice medicine the way they have wanted to practice all along. Then, practice managers can finally focus on more important things without the day-to-day hassles that private practice work brings.


Well, actually….you know this won’t happen next year.

But here is the kicker, while in 2010 some were complaining that health insurance companies were eating their lunch, other practices were able to negotiate significant improvement in payment with MCO’s. While some were complaining about poor payments in 2010, others put their energy in finding ways to offset shortfalls, and actually did, while improving care. While some could not bear the cost of vaccines, other practices profited in 2010 from vaccines by joining GPO’s. While A/R increased for some in 2010, for others, it actually dropped. Even as they were stuck in 2010, others opened new offices, hired physicians, staff and moved to better, larger locations.

The truth is, 2010 probably won’t be any different than 2011. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle. It is not too late to start. Make it happen in 2011.

Post inspired by Seth Godin

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