What Is Your Turbo?

When I was growing up, turbo was the marketing word to describe better. When a toy was labeled turbo, it was better than the one that was not labeled turbo. Of course, the word turbo didn’t make the toy any better than the others, but as a kid, if it had the word turbo, it meant it was superior.

Today, things have changed. Turbo may not be the best way to describe to people that a product or service is better; but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t finding ways to give customers a sense that what they are getting is far superior than the rest. Companies are still striving for that something that others can’t match, but they are calling it different now.

Enter the “user experience.”

The turbo of yesterday has been replaced with the “user experience.” The experience is how a customer encounters and feels by using a product or a service. A superior user experience is the new turbo.

When you hear Steve Jobs pitching one of Apple products, he often refers to the experience. He contends that Apple’s user experience is far superior. Starbucks does the same. They don’t just sell you coffee, they sell you an experience. And the granddaddy of user experience (at least in my opinion) is Disney World.

Which makes me wonder…

For those of us in the medical field, do we have something that we can label turbo or that something that in some way enhances a patient’s experience that others can’t match?

3 thoughts on “What Is Your Turbo?”

  1. Great question. I am meditating on it and will also ask my staff their input. If nothing else it gets people thinking about something they do every day from a different perspective. Also an excellent question to ask patients.

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