Stepping Out To Grow, A Renewed Journey

Wow! What a busy, but great summer.

I started the summer by going on vacation with my wife and kids. We went to a small coastal town on the coast of Venezuela where we had no Internet access, limited cell phone service and no TV. I decided to take off my wristwatch and put it away. So I ate when I was hungry and I slept when I was sleepy, not because of the time of day.

From time to time, I felt guilty, not gonna lie. The pressure to feel productive was there. But I conquered the pressure and purposely reflected on absolutely nothing. I took advantage of the time to just be in the moment, enjoying and appreciating the stuff we normally take for granted. Nothing else.

And you know what? It was all good. Unlike many of our previous vacations, this one in particular completely refreshed me. I came back mentally relaxed. As a result, I got clarity. Which was perfect for the mental stimulation that was to come.

A few weeks after getting back, I headed over to PCC’s practice management conference. The conference went over a lot of information. But it helped me put into perspective and prioritize some of the things I had on my plate at the practice.

After the PCC conference, I attended the Global Leadership Summer here in Chicago. This experience was absolutely incredible. I can’t described how much inspiration, vision and skill development the summit provided. The speakers were outstanding. Jack Welch , Daniel Pink,  coach Tony Dungy and my new favorite leader, Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes,  just to name a few.

The leadership summit gave me a lot of food for thought. Not only did it inspire me to become a better leader (at the practice, but also at home), but it also stirred up thoughts on our practice’s purpose, our vision, our goals and objective.

Lastly, I took a road road-trip with my grandfather from Chicago to Washington DC.  The long hours on the road not only helped me strengthen my bond with my grandfather, but it also allowed me some time to reflect on everything that I had learned and to start to think about how I might go about implementing these ideas. Another cool thing about the DC trip was that many of the leadership lessons I learned at the leadership summit, got reinforced while learning more details about the people that played big roles in shaping this country.

So, why am I sharing all this with you. What does all this have to do with practice management?

My experiences this summer will undoubtedly influence how I manage our pediatric practice moving forward. For example, disconnecting from the grid in Venezuela gave me the clarity I needed to embrace both old and new challenges.  The PCC conference reinforced the need to prioritize practice management, administrative, and operational task, while the leadership summit fed my emotional intelligence.

Thus, I wanted to share these experiences because what I realized was that to become a better manager, I have to go beyond the trade. Working spreadsheets all day or having meetings with employees isn’t enough to become a better leader. Conferences, seminars, summit and in fact, vacations, enhance by ability to be a better professional.

Anyway, I guess the point is, I’m pumped. I’m ready. And all this couldn’t have come at a better time. So stay tuned.