New Generation of Doc’s, How Do We Motivate Them?

In talking with several people, the consensus seems to be that the new generation of doctors entering the workforce have a completely different set of priorities than that of the previous generations.

The new generation wants to work, but they don’t want work to be their lives. They prefer for the job to accommodate their personal lives as opposed to the job dictating how they live their life. The new generation is more likely to change jobs more often and  want to make an important impact (and get paid accordingly) on day 1.

As our older doc’s retire,  how will we hire and keep motivate the new generation of doc’s? More money? More time off? More responsibility or less? Autonomy?

I don’t have a good answer. But I think it is a matter that ought to be considered. Because it is going to be a challenge. That I’m sure of.

I came across this cleverly produced video by the RSA adapted from a Daniel Pink speech that addresses some of these issues.

Take a look at it and let me know your thoughts on the video and the question.

3 thoughts on “New Generation of Doc’s, How Do We Motivate Them?”

  1. That video made the rounds with our docs a few weeks ago. Most excellent! I still think new docs will be motivated by lots more money as the financial reward must match the very hard work plus the investment of opportunity cost of education and delayed income. Although, I have noticed a trend of new docs wanting less money in return for more time off/family time. Can’t say that is a bad priority system. Still, I hate to see young docs sacrifice autonomy for a stable low paying “stable” employee position. Where is the entrepreneurship?

    1. I think we are starting to see more doc’s being content with being salaried and not having to worry about production or anything like that. But just like most things, we are probably in a cycle. Soon, as things change (they always do), there will be a “new” shift. What will the shift be towards? Who knows. And that is the point of the post.

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. Great post. I completely agree with you on your comment “The new generation wants to work, but they don’t want work to be their lives.” This is so true because they now know that you do not have to work so hard to be successful.

    This is a new era in medicine and it is exciting.

    Keep posting…


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