Why Are EMR’s so Windows 95?

Josh over at the Number Needed to Treat blog posted this excellent post about EMR’s that was also picked up by kevinMD.com.

Josh ask:

“Why is nothing connected in current EMRs? The single most important thing that has led to the proliferation and usability of information on the internet is linking.”

Here is a point that resonate with me:

And the thing that truly baffles me–why are hardware and software companies churning out things like Google Chrome, the iPhone, Wikipedia, YouTube, Android phones, the iPad, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter but we still have EMR systems that look and act like Windows 95?!?!

He also discussed usability:

The drug-seeker I saw today–turns out it would have been useful to know she had a prescription written last week by a physician at an urgent care clinic, then another one at the ER.  It also would have been useful to have notes, treatment plans, and medication orders from the endocrinologist and cardiologist who are treating my patient with poorly controlled diabetes.  I might have been able to review these before I saw him instead of wasting 14 minutes of our 15 minute visit trying to help him remember all his medications and instructions.

By the way, Josh is a second year resident. Soon, he will join the workforce. If you develop an EMR, Josh is your future customer. Get this right, because if you do, there is huge opportunity in this space.

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