Pediatric Practice Management Conference

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At the risk of sounding like a “fan-boy”  again, I wanted to inform you about an awesome pediatric focused practice management seminar coming up this summer.

The seminar is hosted by Physician’s Computer Company and the courses include some pretty cool topics:

  • EHR Panel Discussion
  • How to get Government Funding for EHR
  • How to be Successful in a Tough Economy
  • Top Ten Legal Issues Practices Need to Know
  • Negotiating in the New World of Managed Care
  • Coding 2010: Modifying, Documenting, and Getting Paid
  • Coding Tips and Billing Strategies For Getting Paid What You Deserve
  • The Silents, Boomers, GenXers and GenYers: Managing the Generations and more!

To check out the course schedule, click on this link

For more information about the conference check out this link

I attended last year’s conference and it was completely worth it. What I loved most about the conference, is that it is pediatric specific. There is a big difference in a conference that focuses on multiple medical specialties (like the MGMA for example), and a conference that makes pediatric practice management “the only” specialty.

By the way, I don’t get anything for promoting the conference. I do it because I genuinely think it is one of the best (if not the only) pediatric practice management seminars out-there. Furthermore, I think it will provide you and your medical practice with valuable information. These guys know the business of pediatric probably better than we know our own business.

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Oh, and if you do decide to go, stop by and say hi. It will be easy to spot me. I’ll be the handsome one in the room. 😉

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