Who Is The Lone Nut We Should Be Following In Healthcare?

My online friend Mary Pat Whaley pointed me to this video on Linkedin via the Healthcare Innovation by Design blog.

Derek Sivers, the person presenting the TED talk, makes an interesting point. He says that followers are actually and underestimated form of leadership because it takes guts to stand up and join a lone nut. To see more of what Derek Sivers has to say, check out the video.

“The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader” – Derek Sivers

At the expense of being accused of finding another “off-topic” for PediatricInc (although I’ve asked similar questions before), I’d like to share with you some thoughts because I think, this is relevant to us as primary care providers.

So this is what I’m wondering. Who are the innovators in health care? Who is transforming it? Are their any lone nuts that are creating a movement that we should follow?

Why are these questions important to primary care (especially pediatrics)?

Primary care as we know it has been challenged for several years now. Primary care used to be at the forefront. Now, many consider primary care  a loss leader. It seems to me that unless there are some radical changes in how medical practices deliver care, the private, independent, medical practice, as we know it will die.

Unless of course, we start following lone nuts and start a movement.

What say you?