Tip # 8, How To Save $80,000

This is tip #8 of the How To Save $80,000 Series

Money Saving Tip #8, Free Software (Savings: $1749.95)

Every few years, practices/business buy new computers. Most people buy Microsoft Office Suites, Adobe Acrobat and other office productivity software for each computer. As with anything else, software can add up. Fortunately, there are alternatives for those of us on a shoestring budget. Below are some suggested software applications that I load on our computers to save a little cash on software.

Open Office – Virtually identical to Microsoft Office

Gmail – Free email program to replace Outlook

Thunderbird – Looking to replace Outlook, then Thunderbird is a great solution.

Foxit reader – This program is the same as Adobe Acrobat reader. I know Acrobat reader is free too, but Foxit Reader is so much faster and I think better, so I decided to install it on our machines.

PrimoPDF – Acrobat is expensive. That is why I use PrimoPDF to convert any file into a PDF.

Google Docs – Google offers their free version of Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Google Docs does bring up some privacy challenges, but because it is hosted on the Internet (the cloud), one can have access to the documents anywhere you have a computer  an Internet connection; Oh, and did I mention it was free?

There are many free, good, reliable products out there that one can use. And the real beauty is that they are free. How can you beat that?

Let’s put this into perspective:

Last year I bought five new computers. Instead of buying MS Office, I installed OpenOffice. Savings? $349.99 x 5 = $1749.95

What Open Source product do you use? Any good ones you’d like to share?

Were getting close to the end. Tomorrow I’ll post my second to last post where I’ll be discussing GPO’s.

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  1. I teach a class on this very subject at the peds events. Small pediatric offices are just like any other small business!

    I really like to push on OpenOffice in particular. It not only manages all of those old Word files well (which Word doesn’t do), but *it prints to PDF for free as well*.

    Don’t forget to use Firefox instead of IE. It’s estimated that 80% of the world’s Internet traffic is spam based on machines compromised by IE and Outlook. Firefox with Adblock on is an awesome thing.

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