Tip # 7, How To Save $80,000

This is tip #7 of the How To Save $80,000 Series

Renegotiate Lease Terms (Savings: $27300)

If you are up for your lease, this is the time to renegotiate. Your landlord doesn’t want to have find a tenet as good as you, so she will be more likely to sit down and listen to your reasonable terms such as no rent increases for the length of the new lease, tenet improvement dollars for suite modifications or even one or two month free.

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Landlords offer this type of stuff to new tenants all the time. Why not negotiate like you are a new tenant when your lease is up?

No doubt the landlord would have similar negotiations with a new prospect. But it  is easier/cheaper for the landlord to deal with you, the current tenent, than to have to go out and find a new tenet.   

During our last lease negotiation I was able to add approximately 325 sq ft to our suite (that included 2 examining rooms) without increasing our monthly rent. At $28 a sq foot, I’m saving $9100 a year. We signed a three year lease (not five like they wanted), thus, the practice is saving $27300 over the life of the lease.

Tomorrow I’m posting Money Saving Tip #8. I’m goint to be talking about how free software can save you hundreds of dollars.

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