Tip #3, How To Save $80,000

This is tip #3 of the How To Save $80,000 Series

Optimize your land lines or cell phone bills (Savings: $2400)

Hello again and thanks for coming back and following my how a practice can save $80,000 series. Today, I want to talk about phone bills.

When was the last time you evaluated your phone bill?

If you are like me, you got a plan that worked for you at the time you signed up for the service and never looked at your usage (i.e. texting, long distance). Often times we are paying for a lot of services that we don’t really need. And other times, we pay ridiculous prices for services we ought to have included, but never did. I think the going rate for going over your minutes on your cell phone is 25 cents. If you go over just 30 minutes (which isn’t that hard to do) it can easily cost you a meal at McDonalds.

Recently, I took a moment to evaluate all of the practice’s phone service (land lines & cell phones) and noticed that by changing our plans, to plans that met our current needs, we could save.

With our land lines, for example, I discovered one of the lines was not part of the better priced “business package” the other lines were part of. Consequently, we were paying more for that line than we had to. In fact, we were paying a lot more.

After checking out the different plans, I determined we could knock off $200 a month on our phone bill by finding a plan that met our practice’s needs.

That translates to $2400 a year. And all it took was a phone call to the phone company, or their competitors, and asking them if they can look at your plans and suggest a better option for you.

Of course, this tip can work for just about every service in the office. We’ve only recently did it for the phone bill, but one can also look at office supplies, transcription services, waste removal services and a whole bunch of other things.

Stay tuned… tomorrow I’ll have another money saving example for you. I’ll be talking about how one can save money managing debt.

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