Kill’em With Kindness

Really, if you think about it, the best way to deal with unruly people is with “kindness.”

If someone is mean; gives attitude; is defensive; do you think that being mean, giving them attitude and being defensive back is going to make matters better?

Killing them with kindness actually disarms the person because they have nothing to hold against you.

They won’t be able to say “I’m so mad… she was just too nice!” Or if they complain to your boss or one of your doctors and say “…the front desk was giving me attitude” your boss can say, “How so?” “Well, she was saying please and thank you and being sweet.”

They won’t have anything against you if you kill’em with kindness.

Parent/customers can be very unreasonable and have unrealistic expectations at times, but we still have to accommodate and address their issues without attitude, defensiveness or anything that may appear to be negative in anyway. That is just the way it ought to be.

Remember, kill’em with kindness

4 thoughts on “Kill’em With Kindness”

  1. My father was a bank executive and always said the same thing! It works for all practices and industries. It is certainly harder to be angry when someone is smiling at you and being kind.

    Thank you for this nice reminder!

    1. I know… it’s just a good policy overall. Although sometimes it is very, very hard to do.

      And if it is not done genuinely, then it comes across as a smart-aleck.

      Thanks for your comments.


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