Our Sixth Year Anniversary

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Yesterday was an important day; our business turned 6-years old. March 1, 2004 my wife an I opened the doors to our practice.

Not gonna lie; we were scared to death. We had no idea if this crazy venture was going to work for us.

When we opened our doors, it was just my wife and I. I handled the front (ie check in and out, appointments, follow-ups, preparing charts, filing, etc.), while my wife handled everything in the back with the patients ( i.e. vitals, shots, blood draws, exams, follow-up, labs, etc).

I still remember clearly when we moved in and were still settling in, several of the docs that worked in the building came by to welcome us. All of them would ask, so how big is your group? Who are you with? As if saying, where is everybody else. And we would say, we aren’t with any group; it is just us.

Then they turned to me, “…so Brandon, been doing practice management for a while? To which I’d respond, “practice management, what’s that?”

Most of them couldn’t hide the expression, boy, is this couple crazy or what? I’m sure they were saying to themselves, this couple has no idea what they are getting into.

And you know what? They were right. We didn’t know what we were getting into.

And maybe that was a good thing.

Today we have 7 seven employees, 3 docs, and lots of patients that absolutely love us. We went from seeing 5 patients the first day to having now over 3500 active patients ( and counting with the addition of the new doc) that account for nearly 11,000 visits a year.

People think we are rich as a result. I keep on telling them, it’s peds. Nobody is rich in peds. But that is another discussion.

Richness notwithstanding, we hope to continue doing well for many years to come.


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