One Year…

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Today marks my one-year anniversary as a blogger. Funny, I know. Kind of like seeing a married couple celebrating their one-year anniversary… and many of us saying to ourselves, “… get back to me when you’ve been married 15 years or 20 years.”

Nonetheless, we can all attest that the first year of doing anything consistently is not easy. Just like it won’t be easy to do something consistently for years to come. But I’m up for the challenge.

For those of you that come regularly, I appreciate it very much. I know it sounds like a cliché, but frankly, I didn’t expect anybody to read my blog at all. Today I get visitors everyday.

For 2010, I would like to keep my focus of writing about managing a small business that happens to be in the medical field (pediatrics) and the things that may or may not influence our business.

Thanks, and I hope you continue to visit.

Brandon (aka @PediatricInc)

7 thoughts on “One Year…”

  1. Hey! Thanks much for the Blog ! I found it helpful with some research I’m doing right now. I’m going to bookmark this blog and return. What other resources are there on the same subject? Keep it up!

    1. Jane,

      It looks like the site’s spam filter got a little zealous, so your comment had not gone through. Sorry about that.

      Thank you very much for the congrats. I’m a fan big fan Health Populi by the way. Think the info and analysis you provide is great.

      – Brandon


  2. Congratulations, Brandon!

    Only a fellow blogger knows what it takes to post regularly. I like that your posts are thoughtful and honest and have something real to say about the business we’re in.

    Best wishes for many more years of blogging success!

    Mary Pat

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