A Lesson in Health Care Marketing

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center created this awesome video. Check it out below.

This video has so many lessons for us in health care that I don’t even know where to begin.

I appreciate that the video didn’t have anything to do with the cause, per say, but it effectively drove the message home. Don’t you think?

Not only does drive home an important cause, it also gives the viewer a glimpse of the hospital’s corporate culture.  When you look at an initiative like this, the people involve, and the message they are telling the world, would you not want to be treated at this hospital?

Furthermore, I don’t think this type of message and the level of awareness could ever be accomplished by putting an ad in the local newspaper or running a 30 sec ad on TV. I’d argue the video even helps recruiting efforts. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a fun working environment like this? I also find it remarkable how the hospital leveraged social media to drive home an important cause.

This is a great lesson in marketing. Last time I checked the video had 3.3 million views. Pretty impressive. Providence has been voted one of the nation’s “100 Top” hospitals 10 times. Coincidence? I think not.

What are your thoughts on the video?

Thanks to @reedsmith for giving me the heads up on this video.

2 thoughts on “A Lesson in Health Care Marketing”

  1. Hi, Brandon…
    I would argue, respectfully, that this is typical and without purpose beyond, as you suggest, perhaps showing potential recruits that “good times are found here.” You are excited about it yet point out immediately that it has little if anything to do with the cause. I’d like to hear you explore that a bit and comment on my biggest criticism of this work (which, do doubt was a huge under-taking).

    That is, this video wastes the opportunity to prompt the viewer to DO something… to take action. Hence, it’s simply eye candy like any other piece of “branded entertainment.”

    Bottom line: this cost the hospital a significant amount of $ to produce — including employee down time. IMHO they squandered every penny of it. There is no clear purpose, call to action or behavioral prompt issued. It would have been simple to do so. “Contribute to X”, “sign up for Y” etc.

    1. Jeff,

      I think you are being a little too tough on the hospital. Not everything has to be a calculated business, measuring, ROI, CPM, initiative.

      Today’s business environment, everything is about signing up, call now, one-time offer, only 1 more days to get this deal, etc. etc. Consequently, marketers are having a harder time selling their message because people have become more and more keen to ignoring marketers’ messages.

      One of the things that make this video interesting for me is that it is simply about awareness (and the video didn’t bore us with statistics, why should we care about about breast cancer, how we need to find a cure, etc. It did all of that without really tell us). They are not asking for anything other than awareness.

      Go to YouTube, pull up the video, and read the comments people posted. Most of the comments are of people grateful for the video. Many commentators shared the personal stories and experience which adds to the emotional story of the cause. The video has been seen more the 6,000,000 times. Missed opportunity? I don’t think so.

      Thanks for posting. I appreciate discussions like this.


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