Which Customer Would You Prefer?

Photo: DannyBrown.me

As business owners, I think we have to be very careful about how we treat (punish) customers.

Way to state the obvious, Brandon.

But businesses punish their customers all the time.

Don’t believe me?

Consider the deals on Black Friday. To me, this is a way to punish one’s customers. It is like saying to your customer “…I’ll give you a good deal, but you are going to have to work for it…  you’ll have to put in an extraordinary effort in order to earn the deal I’m about to give you.”

Can you imagine buying a car and the sales rep saying, “…well, this deal I’m giving you is so good, you are going to have to do something extraordinary in order for me to agree to sale you the car. How about 500 jumping jacks? Oh, and I forgot to mention, the deal is only good for today.”

How is that different than making your customer’s wake up at the crack of dawn to sell her a $30 BlueRay player? What difference does it make to sell that BlueRay player at 4:30pm vs. 4:30am or selling it on a Friday vs. Tuesday?

Why not build a relationship with the customer by engaging them and only reward those that have been loyal with deals as way of saying, thank you for being a faithful and a devoted customer?

Wouldn’t that have a better long-term affect that offering anybody and everybody a one time deal at the crack of dawn? As a business owner, who would you rather reward, a nobody that came in just because you were offering a deal, or a loyal, constant customer?