Does Your Paycheck Depend on Your Performance?

So here is something to think about…

Photo credit: Publicinsomniac
Photo credit: Publicinsomniac

What if your pay checks were not guaranteed, but instead you got paid solely on your performance? How would you treat patients knowing that the way you took care of them, the way you responded to them, the way you acknowledged them, stems your paycheck?

I suspect things would be different. You may still get annoyed with parents, but you’d keep that smile on your face the entire time. Would you not?

If you think about it, we are not that different from someone that solely earns money based on their performances. As a staff member you may get a salary or get paid by the hour, but the “practice” does not get a guaranteed paycheck every month. We only get paid when we provide a service/perform. If there is no one to provide a service to, we don’t get paid.

So, have this in mind.  Each encounter with our parents/patients is in essence a performance in which our pay is based on. If we perform well, parents will continue to come back. If we satisfy their needs, they’ll leave money in our guitar case, so to speak.  If we exceed their expectations, they’ll most likely tell their friends about our performances. And if we continue to exceed their friends’ expectations, pretty soon we will have a sellout crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Remember,  every encounter (with the patient) counts; your paycheck does depend on it.