Living In Exponential Times: Are We Prepared?

A few months ago I came across this cool video that makes a compelling argument on the progression of information technology.

Recently, the video showed up again while surfing the web. Although the video addresses mostly technological advances and social issues, I think it is very pertinent to us as medical practice managers; particularly those of us in pediatrics.

Take a look at it, and I’ll meet you on the other side.

The question I have is “are we prepared?”

If people are changing employers so often, how will that affect how we handle insurance policies? Will we see a growing trend of self-insured people and less employer sponsored insurance plans like we have right now?

Are we prepared?

No question My Space and Facebook have taken off. Should medical practices embrace social media?

If you’re a peds office, what would you say is the average age of your patient’s parents? What would you guess is the average demographic of Facebook? According to Facebook the fastest growing demographic is 35 and older.

For Pediatricians especially, who is our customer? The parents or the patient?

Are we prepared?

More and more people are getting their medical information from Google. Are we prepared to deal with people self-diagnosing and finding medical facts online?

With the proliferation of cell phone texting, should we be communicating with our patients/parents this way?

Are we prepared?

With 1-billion internet enabled devices, are we leveraging web technologies enough?

How do we address information overload… not only for our patients, but for ourselves?

With 67 babies born every 5 minutes or so, what should we be doing to manage the amount of patients that will be coming our way?

What are your thoughts on the video? What are your thoughts on my questions?

Are we prepared to live in exponential times?

Video credit: Amybeth

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