Medical Blogging: Are Our Voices Being Heard?

Foto Credit: Mike Licht,'s
Foto Credit: Mike Licht,'s

We interrupt this scheduled programming to bring to you this important briefing…

Dr. Rob over at Musings of a Distractible mind has a great post that talks about why blogging matters to him. He eloquently addresses the lack of doctor participation in the health care debate. He is not blaming doctors for not participating; he is just pointing out that their voices are not being heard. Thus concludes that blogging by medical professionals “matters because it gives perspective that could never come from anywhere else.”

For those of us that are in the medical practice business, we know the system stinks. But most people have no clue. And for obvious reasons, those of us in the trenches need to speak louder; otherwise, we will most likely be left out of the health care debate table. And no, the AMA does not count as an organization that is in the trenches.

Dr. Rob has this to say:

A good parallel is the crisis in Iran.  There are reporters and politicians who say they know what it’s all about – and in some ways they do – but the voice of the people living in Iran are crucial to understanding what is going on.  Why are there riots?  Ask a rioter.  Was there rigging of the election?  Ask someone who was there to witness the process.  The people who are on the ground should always be listened to.  They don’t give the entire perspective, but getting a true perspective is impossible without talking to them.

I commend Dr. Rob for his wonderful blog and I hope more doctors (if only they had more time) start blogging, or start using Twitter or express their concerns and challenges in other ways in an effort to get the word out.

Checkout Dr. Rob’s blog at Musings of a Distractible Mind. And while your add it, check out Dr. Deane Maldman’s (Pediatric Cardiologist) Medical Malprocess blog.

Another one of my favorites is Kevin Pho over at Kevinmd.  Kevin has an uncanny ability to say so much, with so little. It has to be a gift.

Lastly is Dr. Val Better Health blog. Dr. Val is in the trenches in a different kind of way. Moreover, her network is exactly the type of “getting our voices heard” kind of notion that we need more of.

By the way, don’t just read one or two post on these blog. It is the equivalent of judging a book by its cover.

Do you know of any doctors that blog (and I don’t mean Sanjay Gupta either)? If you do, send them over. I’d like to start following them too.

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