It Is About How You Connect With Your Patients

The only thing that is going to set us – as a practice – apart is how we engage with our customers/patients.

Last week I was running reports for the practice and was stumped trying to retrieve some data. I decided to send a tweet (a message on Twitter) to a follower that I know works for the company that develops the practice management software our practice uses to see if he could help.

The same day I sent the call for help, I received a response. My follower replied and asked me to call him directly so we could discuss what I wanted. Now, I have never met this guy. We simply follow each other on a silly social web site.

Chris Brogan posted a note on his blog about how a conversation with a cab driver saved him 1000 bucks. Great story. I would recommend you check it out.

staffWhat these two stories have in common is that both Chris and my Twitter follower decided to establish a connection. In other words, they each took a genuine interest in people. My Twitter follower could have directed me to call support or said he wasn’t the right person or anything else. But he didn’t; he simply said, yes, I’m interested in your problem; let’s hear it so I can figure out how I can help. He took the time.

Chris could have sat in the back of that cab and minded his own business. But he didn’t. He took the time.

The result? Chris got his bag back. My Twitter follower got a post on my blog and now you all know about Data Strategies and their Elligence practice management system. But more important, you know how they handle customer inquiries with a geniune interest to help.


Connections is all we have.

In a medical practice it is easy to have people/patients/parents drive you over the edge. But I try to remember, connections is all we really have. Let me explain. The Tylenol that we give out, is the exact same Tylenol the practice down the street gives out; those vaccines we give to children… guess what? They are the exact vaccines the other practice down the street gives out. Patients are not going to tell their friends about how great the needles our office uses or the color of the band-aids we give out or that our Prevnar is better than other Prevnars.

The only thing that is going to set us – as a practice – apart is how we engage with our customers/patients.



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